Lough Corrib 471

Community Engagement

471m of water separates the communities to east and west of Lough Corrib – it takes 5 minutes by boat or 50 minutes by car to connect these communities.

The aim of this Arts Council of Ireland founded project is to connect young people on both sides of the lake through a series of architectural workshops collaborating to design and build installations cultivating a deeper connection to the water, built heritage and piers of Lough Corrib. The project is an exploration and deeper understanding of the rich architectural and built heritage and communities to the East and West sides of Lough Corrib in Co. Galway. The local built heritage is diverse ranging from monastic structures, abandoned villages/former clachans, piers – the former hub and key infrastructure of these communities on the lake.

The project is a collaboration between the primary schools, local artists and local organisations & community groups around Lake Corrib. Partners of the project include Architecture At The Edge (AATE); The Corrib Beo Catchment Partnership – a coalition of communities, environmentalists and voluntary groups dedicated to the care protection and sustainable development of the Corrib, its catchment landscapes, rivers and canals; and Headford & District Association (‘Something in the Water Festival’).

We have engaged with Lough Corrib Navigation Trustees, responsible for the management of the lake and piers, who are pleased to support this initiative to raise awareness of the lake, its heritage and strengthening of communities and connections between young people on the two sides of the lake.

Photography by Anita Murphy

Lough Corrib 471 Anita Murphy

471 Anita Murphy